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Information on getting visa to enter Turkmenistan

To enter Turkmenistan, foreign citizens and people without citizenship can apply to the Consulate of the Embassy of Turkmenistan for the following visa types:

  • diplomatic;
  • service;
  • business;
  • personal;
  • student;
  • tourist, including individual and group;
  • transit;
  • medical;
  • driving;
  • entry.

Visas can be single entry, double entries, triple entries and multiple entries.

Visas processing for foreign tourists is done through tourism agencies registered on the territory of Turkmenistan.

Special benefits are granted when receiving visa to visit national tourist zones (for example, the national zone “Avaza”).

To process visa the following documents shall be submitted to the Consular Department of the Embassy of Turkmenistan:

  • Original and copy of the invitation from a company or a person concluded in a due order and agreed with the State Migratory Service of Turkmenistan
  • International passport and its copy
  • Copy of the national passport and its pages with all official marks
  • Visa application form [you can download the form from here]
  • Color photo 4х5


  • The citizens of the UAE shall present ID cards in addition to the above-mentioned indications.
  • A child shall have his/her own international passport. To process visa for a child extra two new color photos of the child, original and copy of birth certificate, parental passports and marriage or divorce certificate and in case if a child travels with one of the parents or a trusted person then a document of consent for child travel shall be submitted.
  • For children below 7 years visas are issued without charges.
  • For children between 7-16 years visas are issued with 50% reduction.
  • Tourists shall address any tourist agencies of Turkmenistan. You might want to use the services of agency “Turkmen Siyahaat”, tel.: (993-12) 35-47-77, 39-86-91; fax: (993-12) 39-67-40 or 39-00-65, 39-77, . “MIDA Tour” (04 2242255), “Atlantis Tour” (04 312 68 00) .

    Download Turkmenistan Tourist Agencies Information : Download Turkmenistan Tourist Agencies Information
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  • Documents from trusted persons can be accepted only on the basis of notary warranty (for private persons). Trusted persons that represent organizations may submit documents on condition of warranty letter issued by organization.
  • Consular fees are charged in dollars USA. The fees depend on the duration of your stay and should be consulted further at the Embassy. For urgent visa proceeding (during 3 working days) or at weekends\holidays extra 100% of consular fees is charged.
  • The passport remains at the Embassy till the date of issuing visa.
  • The citizens who enter Turkmenistan for a period longer than 3 months shall present medical reference on AIDS analysis.
  • For the citizens of other foreign states the other tariffs are fixed. To obtain extra information, please, address the Consular Department at the Embassy of Turkmenistan.

In order to visit the tombs of relatives one shall submit the following documents:

  • Application form [you can download the form from here]
  • International passport and its copy
  • The copy of death certificate of the relative and reference of burying (if available).
  • The copy of the national passport with all pages that contain official marks.
  • The document that certifies the kin`s ties and its copy
  • The visa application form
  • One photo 4x5

Application Form

Download Visa Application Form
Zipped Document File [19 KB]  


For citizens of Turkmenistan

The legalization of documents, which have been issued by the governmental organizations of Turkmenistan (diplomas, birth certificates etc.) is fulfilled upon condition of available stamp of Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan and Consular Department of MFA of Turkmenistan.

For foreign citizens

The legalization of foreign documents, which have been issued and legalized by foreign enterprises and organizations is fulfilled upon conditions of available legalized stamp and signature of MFA of the UAE.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov
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The delegation of Turkmenistan headed by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov attended the 65-th session of General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on 19-23 September, 2010.

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Capital City :Ashgabat

Population : 5,097,028

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40 00 N, 60 00 E

Area - total: 488,100 sq km